AR discusses PCP proposal for the creation of a National ICT Council

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On the 4th of October the PCP’s proposal for the adoption of software free in Parliament. On the same day, another draft law presented by the same party group is discussed: the creation of a National Council for Information and Communication Technologies, a body that will be endowed with capacities oriented to the areas of «science and technology, economic, social and cultural structures «, as well as for» the various centers of political and institutional intervention «, indicates the PCP.

According to the party’s proposal, this body should assume itself as «consultative with the Government member responsible for the area of ​​Information Technologies, with the participation of higher education institutions, structures of local and regional authorities, representative structures companies, workers and users of technologies, the associative movement «.

Its team should be composed of 15 representatives, with regular semiannual functioning, which must give its opinion, proposing measures and options to the strategic guidelines of the Government and legislation for the sector.

As part of the formation of the working group, the PCP also proposes the development of a regular «Forum for the Information Society» to address the issues of the technological sector.

This proposal joins the project presented in July this year, published by TeK, which aims to promote the use of applications open-source and the adoption of document formats open on government websites and aims to streamline the choice of ICT users, starting with access to official public information.

In the opinion of the PCP, the creation of the National Council for Information and Communication Technologies assumes itself as a contribution «for an effective promotion of participation, qualifying and enriching the processes of defining public policies for this sector».

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