«Aquaman» torrent suggests first 4K leak from iTunes Store

"Aquaman" torrent suggests first 4K leak from iTunes Store

THE iTunes Store it is a wall: the films and series sold or rented there are protected by a pile of DRM, so it is basically impossible to copy these contents and distribute them on the internet. Well, it seems that this barrier has finally been broken.

A 4K torrent of the movie «Aquaman» appeared this week in the recesses of the internet, and the title of release – name given to the torrent file with its basic information – implies that the file was extracted from the iTunes Store. If the hypothesis is confirmed, it will be the first time that a film is leaked directly from the Apple store.[[Correction: as pointed out in the comments, the leak is (supposedly) the first of a 4K file from the iTunes Store. Lower quality files can be ripped through the store, albeit with difficulty].

As reported on the website TorrentFreak, the file has a title that suggests its “iTunesian” origins: Aquaman.2018.2160p.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.HDR.HEVC-MOMA. The inscription “WEB-DL” indicates a file that was extracted directly from a digital platform of streaming or selling content, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video; “Aquaman”, however, is not yet available on any of these platforms – just on the iTunes Store, anyway.

Nobody knows yet, however, how the leaker MOMA managed to bypass the DRM from the iTunes Store and obtain the file for sharing. What is known is that 4K content from the iTunes Store is accessible only through Apple TV – that is, if there is a breach in Apple’s protection system, it’s in tvOS.

After the torrent of «Aquaman», it is worth noting, two other 4K movie torrents available only on the iTunes Store have already appeared; they are «Spider-Man: Spider-Man» and «Could You Forgive Me?» This indicates, therefore, that the leaker continues to take advantage of whatever gap has been found in the Apple system.

The Apple, of course, did not comment on the case – but it must be investigating everything thoroughly under the hood. We will keep an eye out for the next chapters of this story.

via MacRumors