APT Command Tips

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If you use a distro based on Debian or Ubuntu you have surely come across the amazing package management system called APT, APT ( Advanced Packaging Tool) It is responsible for managing many distros of the Linux world, every time you install a program on Ubuntu or derived from the central program you are using APT, for people who have a little more intimacy with the terminal the term "sudo apt-." … "commonplace actually?

I'll bring here some of the main parameters of APT to be used via terminal, they are: sudo apt-get update // update the databasesudo apt-get install package // install a packagesudo apt-get remove package // remove a packagesudo apt-get autoclean // clears apt cacheapt-cache search package_name / search and list packages available for installationsudo apt-get autoremove // ​​clean up unnecessary packagessudo apt-get upgrade // update softwaresudo apt-get dist-upgrade // update major distro components If you know any more commands share with us through the comments. Thank you guys!

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