APSS migrates to Windows with the support of Rumos

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

The Port of SetĂşbal and Sesimbra Administration (APSS) has appointed Rumos as the company responsible for the migration of its Novell Netware systems to Windows.

The process is executed through the IT services area of ​​Rumos and consisted of a model of synchronization of environments, «through the technology of virtual machines with the use of Microsoft Virtual Server», explains a statement.

The project involves 15 servers and 150 jobs «dispersed geographically over half a dozen sites». Netware 6.5 will be migrated to Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, involving Microsoft Exchange 2003, Microsoft ISA 2004 Server, Microsoft Operation Manager, Antigen MS Exchange and System Management Server products. Synchronization will be one way, which allows to administer the entire system centrally.

Through this type of implementation it is possible to have access to a test environment «more functional and efficient in the intermediate processes associated with test environments and to conduct migration simulations».

Rumos indicates that all migration relies on the use of virtual machines on the production platforms implemented and that the entire operation takes place without «interruption of the availability of the central systems, with no downtime on the part of APSS human resources».

António Ferreira, head of APSS, SA for the migration project, India that «the whole process has been running without any deviation from the proposed schedule, with the continuity of operations and the safeguarding of all information always being ensured».

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