Apritel’s new management seeks to bring Portugal closer to European best practices

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AntĂłnio Coimbra, Director of Vodafone Portugal, is the new president of Apritel, the association of telecommunications operators, leading the new corporate bodies that yesterday saw their Business Plan approved. The new board of the Association promises to maintain the lines of action of the previous board, whose president was Pedro Norton de Matos, a member of the administration of Oni, defending the positions of the associates.

The association’s now elected management excludes Portugal Telecom, the incumbent operator in Portugal. António Coimbra explains that it was the board’s entertainment not to invite PT to be part of the governing bodies, although it is Apritel’s wish that the company continues to participate in the works carried out in areas where there are common interests.

«PT has different interests than other associates», explains the new president, «experience has shown that there is no positive contribution [na participação da PT na direcção]», he justifies, indicating that the fact that the company is not part of the management gives greater freedom and removes some constraints in taking positions.

Pedro Norton de Matos, who now leaves Apritel’s management after two years in office, explains that during the biennium in which he led the association, «decaffeinated positions» were often taken, often out of politeness taking into account that PT was part of of the steering.

For the new biennium that is now starting, Apritel’s management has defined as priorities the approach of Portugal to the best European practices, considering that only in this way can we make the leap, and not continue on average. António Coimbra said that there are already very good examples in Portugal in the area of ​​telecommunications, but there is still a lot of work to do in several areas.

Among the measures to be promoted by Apritel are also the review of the technical and economic conditions of access to the basic telecommunications network, the adoption of structural measures such as the eventual sale by the incumbent of the cable network or the structural separation of wholesale activities. and retailer.

The association also intends to promote a series of comparative studies of the sector within the European Union, as well as the establishment of a series of indicators on customer satisfaction, among others, considering that there is currently no adequate set of necessary indicators.

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