APRITEL proposes revision of the RUO for the massification of broadband in Portugal

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The Association of Telecommunications Operators – APRITEL – carried out an internal study which included some measures for the growth of broadband penetration in the national market. Among these measures, the need to change the RUO (Reference Offer for Access to the Local Loop) stands out, namely in terms of access to the loop, guard periods and prices.

The entity has expressed itself about the competition deficit in the fixed network, considering it one of the main factors for the lack of broadband development in Portugal.

Currently, our country is in 21st place in the ranking broadband OECD, further increasing the discrepancy between national values ​​and those recorded in other countries on the European continent.

In a letter addressed to the communications regulator Anacom, APRITEL shows its proposals in the «Reference Unbundling Offer (RUO)», which outlines the rules by which telecommunications operators can use the local component of the basic PT network to access their own fixed network customers.

Quoted in a press release, the president of APRITEL, António Coimbra, argues that access to the Local Loop «is absolutely critical for the promotion of competition in the electronic communications market and for the development of the Information Society», having the association considered » opportune to elaborate a set of concrete recommendations that will allow to facilitate the access to the local loop «to potentiate the spread of the broadband.

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