Apritel joins study on RNGs and launches award

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Apritel announced yesterday that it will carry out a study on next generation networks at European level. The initiative takes place in partnership with the European Telecommunications Association – ECTA and is part of a European action that aims to determine the best regulatory framework for the implementation of fiber optic networks up to consumers’ homes.

In the case of Apritel, the study will focus on the Portuguese market and will be presented on a date yet to be announced.

Luís Reis, president of the Association of Telecommunications Operators, assumes that RNGs are «a structural theme for the development of electronic communications in Portugal and Europe in the coming years», and should therefore mobilize the country and deserve the effort of all stakeholders relevant in the sector, from the regulator to operators, as well as the government and local authorities.

Apritel also announced the realization of a study that aims to compare the satisfaction of the Portuguese, with the Europeans, with regard to the telecommunications services they use. This analysis had a first edition last year and is repeated again in 2008 with the evaluation of the opinions of users from Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, United Kingdom and, as mentioned, Portugal.

For this year, the association also intends to fight against the vertical separation of the copper network, to promote the increase in Anacom’s efficiency by encouraging greater operational efficiency and to improve the conditions associated with existing wholesale offers and to develop new offers that are relevant. to the market.

Breaking the deadlock with regard to the Municipal Fee for Rights of Way and achieving «a final clarification on the definitive contours of the fee to be applied as well as on the procedures related to its collection», is another of Apritel’s objectives for this year, as well as contributing to the review of the universal communications service in order to balance social benefits without penalizing the telecommunications user.

Telecommunications Development Award

Yesterday, the association announced the launch of a prize that aims to promote the development of the telecommunications sector in Portugal. Thus, Apritel is determined to encourage the creation of jobs that can contribute to the development of the sector and to promote solutions to stimulate competition.

The Apritel award is intended for all works «with academic dignity» that fall within the economic, legal-regulatory or technological areas. The value of the prize is 10,000 euros for the winner and 1,000 euros for the next five places.

The competition is open to receive applications and works from May to 15 September this year and is aimed at all citizens, excluding those who are part of the Apritel Board, belong to service providers for Apritel or are part of of the prize evaluation jury.

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