APRITEL identifies obstacles to the single telecommunications bill

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A new study released by APRITEL points to a series of improvements that should be introduced in the subscriber line resale offer (SLRO). the association of telecommunications operators says in a statement that the proposals now advanced have already been communicated to ANACOM, suggesting changes to the rules with which alternative operators can sell telecommunications services by reselling the basic service of PT Comunicações.

APRITEL had already taken a similar position in relation to the Reference Unbundling Offer (RUO), making criticisms and suggestions to change some of the rules in order to streamline the process between operators.

The Association considers that with the entry into force of the SLRO, there is yet another instrument for the liberalization of the telecommunications market in Portugal, with Portugal being part of a still limited group of countries that allows the resale of the local loop, alongside Ireland, Norway, Denmark and United Kingdom. However, the association says that it is still far from reaching its effective implementation

Among the proposed amendments now presented, APRITEL indicates the possibility for operators to be able to resell the ISDN service, the introduction of concrete mechanisms to reduce errors in the activation of the service through an alternative operator and effective information systems for ordering, provisioning and fault management, as well as the implementation of mechanisms for temporary suspension of service at the request of the customer or operator (due to non-payment).

The association also proposes that the customer forms with PTC logos are no longer used, that pre-selection is prevented from being deactivated without prior request from the Beneficiary operator and that the strict guard period against actions is guaranteed of «winback». Added to these proposals is the improvement of fault notification processes and scheduling visits to customers to resolve technical anomalies,

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