Apritel تستعد موقفها بشأن توصيات الترويكا

Apritel displeased with delayed mobile terminations

Apritel تستعد موقفها بشأن توصيات الترويكا

Apritel is unhappy with the postponement of the entry into force of the new mobile termination rates established by Anacom. According to the draft decision, the new rates were due to take effect in February, but in the final decision it was decided to change prices from May.

The Association of Telecommunications Operators regrets the postponement, stating that the «delay thus accentuates the uncertainty associated with the national regulatory process, with all the high costs that this situation entails for the competitive development of the market».

It also draws attention to the fact that regulatory delays «change the expectations that it creates in the market, creating an environment of uncertainty and lack of transparency contrary to sustained investment in the sector».

The problem, according to the association, is that this action «is repeated over time in the most diverse themes, with a great impact on the activity of all Apritel associates and to the detriment of consumers themselves».

The association defends, therefore, «swift and transparent decision-making processes, with administrative delays having to be taken into account and reflected in the final decisions».