Apritel criticizes timing of Government resolution on NGNs

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Apritel commented today on the project for new generation networks, classifying the Government’s position in the development of processes as «innovative».

Admitting that Apritel, as a representative of the operators, has been moving within the scope of the RNG, Luís Reis, president of the association, explained that the procedures at national level have escaped what is seen in the rest of Europe. The official then referred to the fact that the Government manifested itself in the middle of the public consultation launched by Anacom, when it issued a resolution on next generation networks.

It is recalled that the procedure, approved earlier this month in the Council of Ministers, paves the way for the elimination of all barriers to installation in buildings of infrastructures associated with next generation networks and indicates that the legislative or other measures created to regulate the development of these infrastructures, they must «guarantee access by all operators to the duct network and other relevant facilities of the entities that own that type of underground infrastructure».

In the opinion of Luís Reis, the resolution interferes with the public consultation raised by the regulator, whose goal was to define the regulatory framework in which the referred fiber optic networks could be implemented in Portugal.

As in the rest of Europe, RNGs have been debated in Portugal, with the incumbent Portugal Telecom and Sonaecom defending different points of view.

The point of contention rests on the model that must be adopted. If PT seems to be the operator with the greatest capacity to invest, this factor means that the company does not want to open the network to other participants.

The model most defended by the remaining operators has been the one that some European countries have adopted, that is, the sharing of the network by all stakeholders.

Just last week, Paulo Campos, Secretary of State for Communications, explained the Government’s position regarding the business model of this type of infrastructure. The official said that Portugal will follow «a model based on competition in infrastructures and not only in services», one of the issues that should be clarified in the public consultation.

At the time, Paulo Campos told TeK that, unlike what happened in DSL, where there was already an infrastructure, PT’s, in fiber does not exist and therefore it makes sense to structure a competitive model from there.

As for Apritel, the priority will be to defend a «development model that ensures conditions for competition between operators» and not the market monopoly, defends the association that is against the possibility of PT being allowed to close the network.

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