Apritel calls for urgent implementation of the European recommendation

PT tests 100Gbps between Lisbon and Porto

«It is urgent that Anacom apply and adapt the regulatory framework» of the New Generation networks (RNG) sector in Portugal, «with the maximum speed», to the guidelines of the European Commission Recommendation, «under the risk of once again jeopardizing the development of a more competitive market in fixed communications «, stated the president of Apritel management, João Couto.

The official’s statements are cited in a press release that explains the position taken by the Telecommunications Operators Association regarding the Community decision on regulating access to fast and ultra-fast broadband networks, known this week.

In the official statement, Apritel states that the document now published, although «late», meets the positions that the group has «been defending since 2008» and proposes a series of «fundamental decisions» to be taken by the national regulator.

According to the association, «in the coming months», the opening of Next Generation Networks to third parties should be implemented, to ensure that consumers have access to more offers of these services.

Other proposals include the disaggregation and sharing of infrastructures to support networks and the «implementation of mechanisms that prevent the existence of situations of discrimination and guarantee equivalent access to new networks», to «prevent occurring in the unbundling of the local loop and wholesale offers have the necessary flexibility to ensure a timely response to market needs «.

The association also warns of the need to guarantee competition and the existence of competitive commercial offers, for consumers who are not interested in migrating to RNG-based services.

According to Apritel, the guidelines in the European recommendation do not call into question the guidelines presented by Anacom in early 2009, so there are conditions for the measures to be quickly framed with the Community guidelines and implemented.