Apritel applauds Anacom’s decision regarding the RUO

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Apritel issued a statement in which it welcomes Anacom’s decision regarding price changes applicable to Portugal Telecom in the Reference Offer for Access to the Local Loop.

The document stresses that the regulator’s decision places Portugal among the countries with the best European practices and recalls that this decision «took into account the majority of concerns and interests» of Apritel’s associates.

The association of telecommunications operators, which since mid-week has been replaced by AntĂłnio AntĂłnio, director of Vodafone Portugal, also believes that the decision provides alternative operators with better conditions to compete in the fixed telecommunications market.

The prices set by Anacom for the RUO imply a 60 percent reduction in the installation prices of the local loop and a 20 percent reduction in the monthly fee, compared to the current wholesale offer, as well as the elimination of the fees applicable to the uninstallation. This decision, known on the 19th of March, should be applied by PT up to 10 days after notification of the resolution.

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