April Patch Tuesday has five security bulletins

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Microsoft is doing its monthly ritual tomorrow by launching patches correction for faults detected in your products.

In this sense, during this month’s Patch Tuesday, scheduled for tomorrow, five patches will be made available, four dedicated to the Windows operating system and one for Microsoft Content Management Server.

Of the four bulletins for the operating system, one is considered a critical update, as is the case with patch for Content Management Server.

In parallel, other high-priority updates that are not related to computer security will be released.

These will not be distributed through Microsoft Update, Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services and Software Update Services.

This time Patch Tuesday does not include any updates for Office, the company shows on its page.

This is the third monthly correction for this year, as the company did not issue any updates last month, and the second update for April after last week the patch emergency response to the .ani file vulnerability.

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