AppShopper returns to the App Store, different, but the same

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One of the first “free apps” apps to be kicked out of the App Store has just returned, with a new face and an apparent new social function. However, it is basically the same utility as always, with more functions.

THE AppShopper was removed from the store by Apple in December, on the grounds that it violated a clause in the developer rules:

2.25: all apps that display apps other than the sales or promotion editor in a close or confusing way with the App Store

Amazingly, the new AppShopper Social continues to do just that: show other apps. In fact, it shows ALL titles in the store, with emphasis on updates, news and price changes.

The difference for AppGratis is that it does not only highlight one application on the day, but makes an overview of all those who have undergone changes. It’s a good way to see which apps are free for the day.

In addition, the excuse now is that the new app is geared towards social discovery of apps. You can add your friends and see what apps they have (for example, the blogdoiphone). But since the functions remain the same, the impression is that the social part is just an excuse.


You can’t understand why Apple let him go back to the store, because the reasons she had previously given are still valid. In addition, the new AppShopper also has a notification system, which goes against another rule:

5.6. The application will not be able to use push notifications to send advertising, promotions or direct marketing of any kind.

Notifications in the AppShopper

Although the AppShopper is great (download it as long as you can), the question remains: why did Apple let it pass, just another app that broke the same rules?

The only explanation is that these rules are not the real reason for withdrawals from the store. As already discussed here, AppGratis directly affects the classification of the App Store, which deeply disturbs Apple because it distorts a tool that should highlight quality apps, and not those that pay to appear there. It is the only logic that would make Apple withdraw one and release the other.

What Apple needs is more coherence. We were all happy with the AppShopper’s return, but the question remains as to how long it will last in the store. If he was removed with a justification that seemed just, it doesn’t make sense for the same app to return without having changed the issues that caused him to be expelled. This only causes insecurity among developers, because although there are rules, Apple is arbitrary in its decisions.