Apps with temporary low price on the App Store, enjoy!

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At the moment, some apps from the App Store are on offer for a limited time. So take advantage and see if any of them interests you, so as not to miss the opportunity. The values ​​here can change at any time, as it is the developer who decides the amount to charge for your application.

Stickman Tennis

R $ 3.50 FREEDownload

Office Story

R $ 12.90 FREEDownload

Custom Notch

R $ 3.50 R $ 0.90Download

5K Trainer – 0 to 5K Runner

R $ 16.90 FREEDownload

WebSSH Pro

R $ 16.90 R $ 9.90Download

Planescape: Torment

R $ 32.90 R $ 16.90Download

Camera RX

R $ 9.90 FREEDownload


R $ 9.90 R $ 6.90Download