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Apps War: Candy Crush Saga X Jias – Which Game is the Best?

Two App Experts, Two Different Opinions: The AndroidPIT Apps War shows two similar apps in direct duel, each with its defender. We started the series with two of the most popular mobile games.

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What is your favorite. / AndroidPIT
<p>It all started with the classic browser game Bejeweled 2001, inspired by the 1988 Russian relic Shariki. Since then, three-match games have not stopped gaining fans, and have turned out to be perfect pastimes for the smartphone format. Each user has their favorite. For Kris Carlon, Jias remains unbeatable. For Edwin Kee, innovation is what counts, and that's why it doesn't give up Candy Crush Saga. Check out the arguments on both sides. The final word, of course, yours.</p><div class=
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Now it's your turn to give your opinion. Which game do you prefer? Join the Apps Gerra!

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