Apps to Download Wallpapers – Meet the top 5!

wallpaper apps

We are always looking to become unique. Perhaps that is the reason why we want so much to personalize everything we have. With our cell phone in different! From the cover to the chosen touch, we always seek to differentiate ourselves. And one of the most common ways to personalize our smartphone is wallpapers or wallpaper.

Despite the fact that many devices are already sold with a selection of their own images, we ended up not using this feature, exactly for looking for something new and unusual. at that moment we started looking for apps to download wallpaper. These tools enable a wider range of images, usually separated by themes and of good quality.

The wallpaper download applications provide us with a more efficient search for images. The division by categories greatly facilitates the search. As we said, image quality is another differential for the use of these apps – after all, it is not always possible to find the HD quality image to personalize the smartphone’s background.

wallpaper apps

What are worth for?

Applications to download wallpaper are resources created to gather the largest possible number of images suitable for use as a background. The main objective is to facilitate the search for something that is interesting and of good quality. For this reason, most of these apps separate images into categories. Each tool will present its own categories and a specific search form. However, the vast majority have an intuitive and very simple to use interface.

The biggest advantage of using applications for this purpose is the wide variety of wallpapers available and the constant renewal of the image collection. For those who always enjoy updating their background, download an application of this type is very useful.

The choice of the ideal application can vary according to your taste, as some applications are famous for bringing great landscape images, while some have a good collection of images related to anime, movies and pop cultures.

How to use?

Wallpapers for mobile

Using applications to download wallpapers is very simple. Just download some of the apps available in the store from your phone. There are different versions according to the operating system of your Android or iOS device. These apps have a search engine to find a background image separated by categories.

Perhaps, the biggest challenge is choosing between the various apps designed for this purpose. Therefore, to facilitate your search, we have prepared a short list with some of the best apps to download wallpaper.

List of apps to download wallpaper

  • HD Wallpapers – Walli (Android and iOS): This app has graphic collaborating artists and is always updating its collection. The images have HD quality. It is possible to access the wallpapers that are highlighted, in addition to the ones that have been added recently and the most popular. You can save your favorite gear in your profile to access it later, making it easier to search. Another good feature of the app is the indication of the ideal resolution for your smartphone or tablet.


  • QHD Wallpapers (Android and iOS): Its collection of images originated from Flickr and Tumblr. They are divided into categories and have Quad HD resolution. Because they contain images related to alcohol and violence, it has an age rating of 14 years on Android and 12 years on iOS.
  • Zedge (Android and iOS): This application is quite complete and, in addition to having a large collection of wallpapers that are constantly updated, it is able to personalize ringtones, sounds and notifications and even recommend games. It also has an indicative rating for containing images of violence, terror and black humor.
  • Background (Android): a Google app and available for Android only. It has images from Google Earth, landscapes, images of space and satellite. In addition to allowing different images for the lock screen and splash screen, the app allows the option to change images daily.
  • Background (iOS): Available only for iOS, this app has a collection of photographs from around the world. Its very simple and intuitive use, just touch and hold the images chosen as wallpaper for the photo to be saved in your gallery and become the background of your iPhone.