Apps on offer on Google Play: TomTom Brasil, Prince of Persia and more

Apps on offer on Google Play: The Room 2, My Backup Pro, and more

Every week, the Google Play Store offers an interesting range of apps at promotional prices. This week five apps on offer caught our eye, among them are The Room 2, My Backup Pro, Theers !, Beyond Gravity and Eliss Infinity.

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The Room 2 – $ 1.11

The Room 2 is a puzzle that requires user attention and ability to assemble strategies. Enjoy while the price is low and download the app for only $ 1.11. One of the highlights of the app is the graphics.

The Room Two
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My Backup Pro – $ 2.61

My Pro Backup is a hand for every job, so to speak. The app lets you save and restore just about everything you own on your Android smartphone or tablet without necessarily having administrative access to the device. My Backup Pro can be purchased now from the Play Store for $ 2.61.

My Backup Pro
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Threes! – R $ 2.19

If you don't know Threes !, I need to warn you that the chances of you getting addicted to the game are great. The very simple reason to explain: the game is a mix of Candy Crush and 2048. You felt the drama, right? The Threes! It can be downloaded today from the Android market for $ 2.19.

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Beyond Gravity – $ 1.00

After being a hit among iOS users, Beyond Gravity has just arrived on Android at a 50% discount. The story of the game involves helping an unlucky astronaut, drawn in the same style as Angry Birds, reach their final destination by jumping from planet to planet and having the law of gravity against it, of course. The game offers original graphics, nice gameplay and very creative, but I must warn that it only supports English. Beyond Gravity can be purchased for $ 2.62 at the Play Store.

Beyond Gravity
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Eliss Infinity – R $ 2.19

Eliss Infinity is 70% off the Play Store. To play this multi-touch puzzle you need to control planets with your fingers and make them not turn into giant masses. For that you can divide them or place them in the same space. The game is based on the player's score during the game and the graphics are quite retracting. The Eliss Infinity costs $ 2.19 in the Play Store today.

Eliss Infinity
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What, do you mean any of these apps on offer on the Play Store? Which?

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