[apps grátis] Several free App Store apps for a limited time

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Busy week on the App Store! At the beginning of the month there is a lot going on in the Apple app store. Run, as it is for a limited time!

To get them, just download them on your iTunes or directly from your iPhone or iPod touch via the app App Store (firmware 2.0 or later).

You must also be registered at the American store. To learn how to make an account, follow our tutorial.

SUN COMPASS ($0.99 → Free)

As its name in English says, it is a solar compass and therefore only works outdoors. The program identifies your geographical position and then you must tell it in which direction the sun (or moon) is. From there it determines where the north, south, east and west are. Nice.

TOUCHTERM ($2.99 → Free)

SSH terminal emulator on iPhone (and iPod touch). They are preparing a Pro version of this application with more features and a higher price.

iCLOCKRADIO ($??? → Free)

The application is new, but its developers have already warned that it will be free for a limited time. It works like an alarm clock, which plays a radio station chosen from several European and American ones. Obviously the radio is picked up by the internet, so it consumes internet bandwidth. Better make sure you are connected to the wi-fi before bed…

JAPANESE LITE ($??? → Free)

A Japanese dictionary with several support languages. In addition to English, there is also German, French and Russian. For those who are starting in the language of the country of the rising sun, it may be a good choice.

SayNDial ($2.99 → Free)

The intention of this application was to be a voice recognizer for the iPhone, that is, you speak the name of the contact and he finds the number for you. Here it did not work. As it’s free, try it too and then tell us if you got any results.

ACTCurrency ($099 → Free)

Currency converter. It has more than 150 in its database. The interesting thing is that its developers are making a temporary promotion in all its applications, which remain free until the 12th of November. The button below takes you to the page with all of them.