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Apps for playing videos on your computer – 7 best options

Although there are several streaming services these days, it is quite common that you still prefer to make use of applications to play video on your computer.

This is especially true when you own digital copies of a series or movie that you enjoy or prefer to watch on your computer over another device, such as a smartphone, for example.

Check out which are the 7 best applications for playing computer video today, what are its advantages and disadvantages to choose the one that best fits your needs!

7 best apps for playing computer videos

Movies on the computer

Many users look for video players that have good usability, simple user interface and features that guarantee an amazing visual experience.

So in the list below you can find these 7 computer video playback applications, sorted alphabetically, with all their strengths and weaknesses, all right?

DivX Player

The first application to play computer video on this list is DivX Player, known software that allows high definition video and movies in general.

Its compatibility applies to all popular video formats, including MP4, AVI and MKV.

The app also acts as a streaming media player, meaning it can stream music, photos, and videos on any device that has DLNA compatibility.

Other advantages are: the organization of playlists, resource Trick play (where the user can easily skip scenes), support for Chapter Points (playback of different scenes) and Resume Play (video skips to the point where the user stopped playback).

The downside of DivX Player is that it is a slightly heavier application because of its features.

GOM Player

It is a free alternative, just like DivX Player, where it allows access to popular video and audio formats, such as AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, FLV, among others.

The app has some cool features, such as speed control, audio and video effects, screenshot, among others, as well as the possibility of customizing the software for better usability.

Various subtitles for movies and TV shows can be downloaded directly from the GOM Player library.

A differentiator of this program is that if there is a file that cannot be opened with GOM natively, it itself looks for components that allow it to be reproduced.

Its gratuity does not prevent the presence of advertisements, which can be a disadvantage.

Movies on the computer

KM Player

As one of the oldest computer players, especially for Windows platforms, KM supports high resolution video playback, such as UHD and QHD, and does not require powerful hardware for this.

Another highlight is 100% free and have 3D support! Also, there is a feature to edit subtitles directly in the player.

It may be quite a simple application for some, but it provides all the important features and is today one of the best video players for Windows, worth testing it.

Media Player Classic

Traditional and old, Media Player Classic has been growing along with the other computer video playback applications.

The program has speed and lightness, besides being free. A highlight of its usability on old computers without generating problems!

As an alternative to replacing Windows 10 Media Player, this application has DVD player software on Windows 10, Skype integration and subtitle download options, among other current features.


Plex is another media player that, although one of the newest, is already competing among the best in the category for its versatility and free of charge, obviously the presence of premium plans guarantees more features than those available in the free version.

The application allows you to organize your media collection from videos, movies, TV shows, music, photos and other items, making them accessible. Plex allows easy sharing for the collection to be accessed by other users, including the family.

The player supports almost all file types and is even compatible with Chromecast.

Unfortunately the full featured Plex with all the features offered is only available for paid versions.

Movies on the computer


Completely free and supporting multiple devices, PotPlayer is an extremely lightweight application yet makes use of hardware acceleration to ensure a better user experience.

Its video player features 3D features and allows a wide range of codecs. It offers features where the user chooses between sound cards, favorite scene marking and viewing, editing with filters for contrast, brightness, noise reduction and other tools.

Also, several customization options are available to users.

Its only downside is that it is compatible with Windows.


The last on the list is perhaps the favorite of many users. VCL is a very popular application for its ability to reproduce everything even though it is quite simple and fast.

With very advanced features, VCL is a free program that supports many different plugins, as well as other customization options to improve overall look and feel.

With frequent updates, VCL runs on all versions of Windows and can meet the most demanding user needs.

If you have any other application to play video on the computer that is not in the list, comment with us!