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Apps for guitar playing | AndroidPIT

We spent an afternoon at test apps with a guitar music lover. He started his Andanas with a piano that was soon replaced, but not forgotten, by a guitar. Over time he began playing other stringed instruments such as the ukulele and charango. He also plays the accordion, and anything that makes noise. Our expert has already been part of two music groups and prefers to remain anonymous. It has a Samsung Galaxy S2, but it doesn't have any guitar apps, basically because it doesn't see any use in them. We suggest you try 4 apps. Let's see what you think of them.

Rockout guitar

Rockout Guitar an app that simulates a guitar. First impressions were good because the guitar sound very good. After a while you find the app boring. He says it reminds him of a typical game for children. It can help in the perception of sounds.

"is that it?" Question to realize that only a virtual guitar. When asked if he would recommend he replied: "Yes, for children. I do not recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar because it is not didactic. It has nothing to do with a guitar …". To download, click on the following image:

RockOut – Guitar

JamBox Light Chords & Scales

jambox light chords

The first reaction when viewing the app was: great! JamBox Light Chords & Scales a chord app. You can choose from all basic tones and shades to combine them with larger or smaller tones. According to our expert, it has a very simple interface and is easy to understand, so it is easy to use. One plus point is that the app appearing also all scales. When asked if he would use it, he answered yes. To download the application, click on the following image:

JamBox Light Chords & Scales

Guitar: Solo Lite

Guitar: Solo Lite

At first glance it looked like the first app (Guitar Rockout), but much better. For him, the big difference is that in Guitar: Solo Lite you can play the chords / notes separately, the wider chord range, and even let you search for chords. We have to say that this was the application that our tester used for the longest time, although at first it was a bit shuffled with the start menu. The best of the app: the chord finder. Worst of all: an app for listening to chords and having fun, but nothing more. To download the app, click on the following image:

Guitar: Solo Lite

GStrings Tuner

Tuner Gstrings

Tuner gStrings is a chromatic tuner that measures the tone and intensity of the sound. From the beginning, it seemed to be the most useful application of each of the tested, and even proved its effectiveness. After some time whistling for the smartphone decided to pick up the instrument, and said smiling: How nice to have my guitar tuned! The app offers the possibility to adjust the microphone for different instruments, so the app was also tested with ukulele. To download the gStrings Tuner, click on the following image:

Tuner – gStrings Free


We transcribe the words of the tester:

"I liked the chromatic tuner, as it can be very useful since you can use it anywhere. The chord finder is very necessary too, because you may be in a situation where you want to read a score of a song and don't know any of it. They are rare because other applications of touching the screen and listening to sounds have no use and are far from the concept of learning to play the guitar.

The best is an application that can be accessed quickly, easily, and where you can fulfill and fulfill a guitar player's basic needs, such as being able to tune the instrument or find chords. For this reason, apps should be a tool for the guitar itself. I recommend the Tuner gStrings and JamBox Light Chords & Scales. They are the only two I will use from now on. "

We can't finish this article without thanking our anonymous friend who dedicated his time to us.

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