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apps bring phrases and images to share

Friend's Day Message: apps bring phrases and images to share

Friend’s Day is a date created to celebrate friendship. In Brazil, it is celebrated on July 20, as well as in Argentina and Uruguay. These countries use the date created by the Argentine Enrique Ernesto Febbraro. He believed that man’s arrival on the moon, on July 20, 1969, was an example of how people can come together for a common purpose. For this reason, he sent about 4 thousand letters to people from different countries, with the purpose of creating Friend’s Day.

Despite this, in 2011, the United Nations General Assembly established International Friendship Day on 30 July. The organization suggests that countries use that date to promote peace, solidarity, dialogue and reconciliation among themselves.

Regardless of the date you decide to celebrate, the dnetc has separated three applications for Android phones and for iPhone (iOS) that will help you find creative and caring messages to share with your friends. The programs have phrases in text and image format, as well as videos.

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Friend’s Day Message on Android

The free Messages of love and affection app for Android phones is very complete. Divided into several categories, the app has a tab dedicated to friendship messages. The program provides photos, GIFs and even videos on the topic. The search can be filtered by new, more shared or random messages.

There is also a share button, which allows you to send messages to your friends through social networks, such as Facebook, and messaging apps, such as WhatsApp.

2 of 4 App Messages of love and affection for Android phones – Photo: Reproduction / Aline Batista

Application Messages of love and affection for Android phones – Photo: Reproduction / Aline Batista

The Phrases and Messages Ready app, also for free, has several phrases to be shared with friends. Unlike the previous one, messages from this app come in text format. You can bookmark messages to view them in a separate tab.

The app has a collection with more than 200 texts on friendship and even divides it between those that have been used or not. So, you don’t run the risk of sending a repeated message to your friend. Sharing is simple and can be done by WhatsApp or Messenger, for example. Another option is to copy the text to the desktop and paste it directly where you want to publish.

3 of 4 Phrases and Messages Ready app for Android – Photo: Reproduction / Aline Batista

Ready Phrases and Messages app for Android – Photo: Reproduction / Aline Batista

On iOS, a bilingual app

The Messages and Phrases application is available for iPhone (iOS). It has phrases in Portuguese and English, divided by categories, including friendship. Sharing can be done via WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, in addition to being able to copy messages to the smartphone’s desktop. The app allows you to favor the messages that the user likes the most and set a time for them to send notifications with different texts.

4 of 4 Messages and Phrases app for iPhone – Photo: Reproduction / Aline Batista

App Messages and Phrases for iPhone – Photo: Reproduction / Aline Batista

Now just choose the app you like best to share Friend’s Day messages with your friends.