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5 temuan minggu ini: aplikasi dan game yang perlu Anda ketahui

On the air, our list of the week’s main findings for you. These are applications that we are using and enjoying, not necessarily new options, but things that attract our attention positively. Here are my five choices for today.

Neko Samurai

Arcade game apps are always a great way to have fun and even let off steam after a day of study or work. Here you can enjoy a quick game, where you will have to demonstrate your samurai skills to destroy your enemies. Neko Samurai has great graphics and offers constant action, as you must shoot down endless waves of frog ninjas. Become the legendary samurai cat and don’t blink for a single moment, if you don’t want to lose!

To download Neko Samurai, click here

Sonar Smash

Retro arcade games for smartphones are all the rage. Many applications still offer retro graphics accompanied by catchy music almost directly from the mythical universe of Atari. Here, you will have to face huge waves and discover adorable sea creatures while using the unique and powerful features of marine sonar. You will also have to accumulate points to unlock sonar powers, recharge hearts and get daily chests to improve your next trip in this colorful universe.

To download Sonar Smash, click here

Bullet Hell Monday Finale

Bullet Hell Monday Finale is a game in the purest style of the classic arcade apps for mobile phones. There is no barracks for your enemies here. You will have to dodge the bullets and shoot them while improving your ship as you go. This game is ideal for beginners, because it is easy to play and you can relax filming everything that moves. Every effort has been made to make this type of game very fun for beginners. Bullet Hell offers an easy game mode, with very simple features, like the possibility of using finger gestures on the screen to move and attack. An ideal game to let off steam after a stressful day.

To download Bullet Hell Monday Finale, click here

Zenkit – Things to Do

Like retro arcade games, task management apps are in vogue, which confirms a sharp increase in demand for these types of products that increase productivity. Bearing in mind the importance of smartphones in our professional lives, this type of proposal will easily find its place due to the multiple tasks that it allows to manage and organize. For example, you can organize your tasks, shopping lists, meetings, events, trips, ideas, notes, etc. You can even create lists and share tasks with your team members, your family or friends. Zenkit To Do syncs all this data across all your devices, so you can access their lists wherever you are, even offline.

App Zenkit to do / © Google Play

To download Zenkit To Do, click here

MNML Screen Recorder

MNML Screen Recorder is an application dedicated to those who work as journalists or in professions where they are interviewed (but it is not a rule). When you need to do interviews, you can’t work well without a good recorder. There are some applications that are great recorders, but unfortunately they are very expensive or carry a lot of advertising. Other recorders are very good, but offer a downright ugly or expressionless user interface. MNML will help you to solve this dilemma between comfort and functionality and provide a pleasant and easy to use recording system. It is also free and is classified as most products of this type in relation to in-app ads.

App2 MNML Screen Recorder / © Google Play

Do you know any new apps you could recommend to us? Share your experience in the comments.