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Applications to install new Animoji on iPhone begin to appear

Applications to install new Animoji on iPhone begin to appear

One of the great differentials of the new iPhones is the fact that they bring a front camera capable of drawing a 3D map of our face (TrueDepth). So it is with the X, XR, XS and XS Max models, in addition to the new iPad Pro launched last month.

This special camera is what makes it possible for Animoji, which are Emoji animated with the movements of our own face, in real time. Until then we thought they were exclusive to Apple, but a few days ago a new set of stickers for iMessage arrived on the App Store that has new animoji figures that fulfill the same function, indicating that the apple intends to release the functionality for developers to create their own illustrations .

The partnership was made with SuperCell, which is one of the biggest app sellers in the apple store (hit makers like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale). She soon announced a new game (called Brawl Stars) and to promote it, released the animoji integrated into iMessage.

There are 6 characters in the game transformed into Animoji, which can be used in iMessage to send spoken messages of up to 30 seconds (as in normal Animoji).

Obviously, for technical reasons, these «Animated Emojis» (Apple does not allow anyone else to use the Animoji nomenclature) are only available for devices that have the TrueDepth front camera. Even so, the app has static stickers that can be used on any iOS device from 11 onwards.

Animated emojis from Brawl Stars Animated emojis from Brawl Stars