Applications hide Facebook fraud

Applications hide Facebook fraud

Two applications in Portuguese for the largest social network in the world are being used to get users to «like» several pages in exchange for features that they never get access to.

«See who visits you on Facebook» and «Change the color of Facebook» are the promises of Apps. Interested parties are then informed that, in exchange for the advertised service, the user must not only «like» a series of pages, but also authorize the publication of information about the applications on their wall – which acts as «bait» for your contacts and proliferation of fraud.

According to security technician David Sopas, who alerts on his blog to the existence of the scheme, the goal seems to be just to get service members to «Like / Like» on different pages on the social network – like AdoroPortugal , BenquistasOnline or PortistasOnline – not appearing, either of the pages, to have malicious content.

Another of the characteristics mentioned by the blogger is the fact that in a supposed verification to validate that the victim did all the requested steps, it is not, in reality, an image, without any programming or associated event.

These pages that promote non-existent services have «hundreds of users online every minute», says the same source, and over 200 thousand references to the domain have already been shared on Facebook, to which the applications in question are associated.