Applications for the INOV Contacto Program open tomorrow

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As planned, applications for the INOV Contacto Program will start tomorrow, carried out exclusively through the NetworkContacto website.

The program will promote internships for 500 young staff at this stage, aimed at acquiring international experience in companies and other excellent institutions located abroad.

The official launch of the Program will take place this afternoon and applications will be available only tomorrow, covering young people with a higher or mid-level professional diploma, in the areas of economics, management and marketing, engineering, science and technology, design or other critical areas for business innovation.

The INOV Contacto program is integrated into governmental initiatives for qualification, within the scope of the Technological Plan, and is supported through ICEP.

Starting from a reformulation of the Contacto Program, this initiative now expands the domains of sectoral competence, as well as the number of internships, also allowing applications from young people without a higher degree.

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation is also promoting another program aimed at young people, aimed at their insertion in Small and Medium Enterprises.

The INOV-JOVEM Program – Young Cadres for Innovation in SMEs – opens applications on 25 June, on a website whose address will be published in due course, according to information from the Ministry.

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