Applications for Financial Administration: The Most Recommended?

Do you know where your money goes? The end of the month arrives and you can't see how you were able to spend every bit of your salary? So you really need a good financial management and control app.

Regardless of how organized you are, these software will give you more convenience for organizing accounts, files and a simple financial spreadsheet that will make you never want to use Excel as a financial spreadsheet in your life.

Some bank software like the Ita app or the Santander app and others are already upgrading with features to filter your statement, showing you which categories your spending is concentrated on and making a kind of automated gesture. However, there is still a long way to go before they can show you an overview, including credit cards from other banks, accounts paid by other means and any extra income.

If you want to make a quality financial gesture these 15 apps will offer you all the features you need for it. Then tell us, in the comments, what is your favorite

1 – Organizze

The app works with monthly spending and budget goals. They can be changed and the user can make manual entries of the checking account and credit card. At the end of the month, reports and graphs of spending information are created automatically, keeping the user abreast of all their movement.

This tool is one of the best known when it comes to economics, because with the application it is much easier to know where I need to make spending cuts to save money at the end of the month.

  • Benefits: quite user-friendly interface; simplicity for the registration of values; practicality
  • Disadvantages: indicated for investment control,
  • Price: Basic: free; Plus: $ 8.00 per month for special activities,

organize app

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2 – Pocket Guide

This program is able to work the bank statement of the user, allowing to automatically record the expenses on the debit card and even on the credit card. Those who use it only need to note the cash expenditures. After that, the app divides these expenses into categories and shows you where the user is spending the most money in a completely automatic way, exempting you from the calculations.

It is one of the most complete applications on the market. It not only enables the organization of expenses by categories, as integrated with Brazilian banks. Only by registering your accounts and cards will the system identify your statement.

In the Pro version the user can buy rates and borrow cheaper than those offered by conventional banks. Aliquot values ​​start from 2.8% on average and can be filtered by value.

With this functionality, the app interprets your expenses and categorizes them automatically. Free, the app also has a scoring system.

The app won the 2017 Conarec Award in the Avant-Garde Cause Company category as a highlight in innovation.

  • Benefits: Total control of expenses; use hashtags to track expenses.
  • Disadvantages: Not suitable for investment control; doubts about data security.
  • Price: free.

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3 – My Savings

In this application it is possible to register several accounts, control the credit card separately, schedule payments and alerts, among other features.

One of the app's different features is to let you know the financial code of each month, such as the percentage of CDI, Savings, the main actions for your profile and currency exchange. That is, the app caters to all types of business when it comes to planning and investing money.

In the blog and in the press the application stands out with its financial management tutorials focusing on quality of life.

  • Benefits: Suitable for those with variable income; allows the division of expenses into categories; exports Excel spreadsheets,
  • Disadvantages: I need to register on the internet; doesn't let you create account types,
  • Price: free.

my app savings

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4- Mobills

Mobills allows you to take personal financial control and store your data safely in the cloud. In addition, because it is multiplatform, it can be accessed from both the computer and the smartphone.

Data can be entered in real time and viewed in reports and graphs generated by the app. This makes everything well organized and you can visualize in a wide and accurate way.

Credit cards can be synchronized, allowing Mobills to post spend directly to the platform. This way you can also control how the balance of the invoice is and also the limit available on the card. Some virtual banks can be synchronized, such as Nubank and Neon.

Want to save? Mobills allow you to create budget and set goals to be achieved. This makes it easier to save and achieve the dream of your own home, changing cars or whatever you have.

It has the same functions as Pocket Guide and My Savings, but to access some specific features I need to pay an application subscription. Free of charge, he makes annual and monthly spending comparisons, warning which category the user spent the most.

  • Benefits: Provides a social network for mutual help between users,
  • Disadvantages: I need to register on the internet; predefined categories of goals and budgets,
  • Price: Free: Free; Premium: $ 7.99 (monthly).

mobills application

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5 – Toshl Finance

A little monster accompanies the user, creating a playful environment for their spending control. Each expense or income is given a label to describe what it is about.

  • Benefits: Alarms that remind the user to enter their expenses; calculation of values ​​in more than 165 currencies; budgets may be directed to certain labels; This feature shows my financial month which gives an overview of the expenses made in one period compared to that of other days.
  • Disadvantages: Create registration with email information only; Extra functions and more useful only with service subscription.
  • Price: Toshl Free; Toshl Pro: $ 2.99 (monthly) / $ 19.99 (annual) / $ 59.99 (3 years).

finance application

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6. Acorns

If you find it very difficult to manage all your money, the app Acorns It is the right option to make your life easier.

Basically, every time you make a purchase with a credit card and connect to the app, the Acorns rounds the purchase amount to the highest dollar price and automatically invests the difference in a portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs) low cost that you can select based on your preferences.

THE Acorns It facilitates many processes and helps you invest your money and earn extra. THE app free for college students, and paid options vary, including a $ 1 per month subscription.

That is, even paid options are quite affordable.

  • Benefits:lots of resources, good investment options and cheap subscription;
  • Disadvantages: an account resource manager is missing;
  • Price: Basic: $ 1 per ms.

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7. Coinbase

THE Coinbase a digital currency trading platform (called cryptocurrencies) that lets you trade with most major cryptocurrency companies – Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin.

The app a simplified version of the version to desktop and the simple and accessible interface makes it even easier to use.

After verifying your identity (doing the Upload passport or other personal documents), you can access spending limits of $ 25,000 per day. You can also set up price alerts in advance to know when the desired buy / sell prices are reached.

This the app It is ideal if you want to buy, sell and trade with cryptocurrencies.

  • Benefits:innovative in its form of investment, practical and affordable;
  • Disadvantages:lack of start explanations and financial organization resources;
  • Price: Basic:free.

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8. Robinhood

THE Robinhood one app Great for those who like to make investments and have a great resource: transactions are unlimited for trading with stocks, ETFs, options and ADRs (American Depository Receipts).

The app sells packages premium as margin data trading and automatic payments. It also has transaction options with Bitcoins. THE app It does not charge transaction fees or maintenance fees. The only thing paid is only the most detailed options for the user.

Robinhood It is suitable for those who are starting out in the world of investment and trading, and has a very simple and intuitive interface to use, making it very accessible.

  • Benefits: good stock chart and financial investment resources;
  • Disadvantages: confusing and not so easy to use;
  • Price: Basic:free.

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9. Venmo

THE Venmo was bought by Paypal in 2013 for the incredible value of 800 million dollars. THE app similar to PayPalBut, in the developer's own definitions, its biggest differential will function as a social network and a transaction platform at the same time.

If you want to receive a payment, just send your QR code personal so the person can add you as a recipient. The transaction limit is $ 299.99 weekly. If you set up authorized merchant payments, your limit for sending funds rises to $ 2,999.99 per week.

Also, if you want, there is the option to share your transactions with your friends or even with everyone who uses the Venmo.

This one app It is ideal if you want to take advantage of various interactivity features typical of a social network with a trading platform.

  • Benefits: Easy to use and a good alternative to international situations;
  • Disadvantages: It has no financial organization features;
  • Price: Basic: Free.

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10. Wally

If you are the kind of person who would love to be so organized with your personal expenses record, you will love the app WallyWhich is totally free.

Instead of manually recording your expenses at the end of a period (day, week, or month), the Wally allows you to take a picture of your receipts. And if you use geolocating on your device, it will automatically fill in a lot of information, in a more practical (and of course, judicious) process.

Wally It is a safe and simple application that is extremely convenient and easy to use. It's a great choice if you want to know what your main expenses are and where your money is going.

Do you know that little money missing at the end of the month and you don't know where it went? With this app you will know exactly where your money goes and of course you will be able to better choose which expenses are less important and can be spared.

You can also take a picture of your receipts instead of entering all the numbers manually, which can avoid padding errors.

In short, the Wally The ideal app for anyone who wants to manage personal and / or family expenses.

  • Benefits: Easy to use and full of features for the financial organization;
  • Disadvantages: has no investment session;
  • Price: Basic: free.

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11 – Wisecash Financial Control

Want to control the money without paying anything for it? So run download Wisecash! This is a completely free app that allows you to note your expenses and view them in monthly and yearly graphs. This makes it much easier and more practical to view all expenses.

Its interface is very simple and intuitive, allowing anyone to use it, even those who have no practice with financial control.

  • Benefits: functional, simple and intuitive;
  • Disadvantages: an investment session is missing;
  • Price: Basic: free.

Financial Education Apps - Best Options

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12 – Expense IQ

With this app you can categorize all your purchases, even dividing grocery purchases. This allows you to see exactly where all the money spent goes. By having several report templates, it allows you to find the best way to visualize your expenses, including allowing you to observe the yield vs. income graph. expenses.

It's a free app, but it can be improved by buying items within Expense IQ itself. Available for Android and iOS.

  • Benefits: quite user-friendly interface; simplicity for the registration of values; practicality and still being able to choose the layout with customization;
  • Disadvantages: more alternatives for investment guidance are lacking;
  • Price: free.

Financial Education Apps - Best Options

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13 – Money Lover

Application that allows you to categorize all your expenses, as well as issue daily and monthly reports. This makes it much easier to know where and when you spend your money. All the graphs the app generates are very intuitive, allowing you to see your financial life perfectly.

Are you going to travel? Here you can continue to control your spending even if you are using a currency other than the real. It has great grades from both the Play Store and the App Store, being 4.4 and 4.5 respectively. It's free, but the paid version gives you access to other features.

  • Benefits: easy-to-control daily reports with notification options;
  • Disadvantages: financial guidance is lacking, especially for investments;
  • Price: free.

Financial Education Apps - Best Options

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14 – Money Wise

This Android version offers several mechanisms for those looking for new ways to control their spending. With a very simple and easy to navigate platform, the app lets you add expenses and revenues so you can always know precisely how your financial health is doing.

The app also has graphic layout to help you see where the biggest expenses and earnings are. Additionally, budgets can be set on a monthly, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

One of the great differentiators is that it is one of the few apps in the business that allows you to tag transactions with tags that make it easy for you to find that operation again by simple searches. They can also be organized into categories and saved in folders as a true digital file.

  • Benefits: various organization features and functionality in the app;
  • Disadvantages: has no production of educational content;
  • Price: free.

Applications for Financial Administration: The Most Recommended?

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15 – Fixed Income

With this application you can make consultations and research of fixed income investments in various brokerages. You can even make comparisons between different services, until you find the one that best fits your profile and the one with the lowest rates.

That is, with it you can not only control spending, but invest and know what to do with your money. The app divides investments by category and there is a function that lets you filter in many ways.

The notification system helps you not to miss out on the best rates on your favorite deals and thus helps you save money.

For those looking to invest money wisely this is the opportunity to get reliable advice.

  • Benefits: organized, easy to use, has notifications;
  • Disadvantages: minor bugs at the time of filtering;
  • Price: free.

Applications for Financial Administration: The Most Recommended?


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Additional Tips

Those who like to manage their own expenses, improve their use of money and save money can also use a great resource such as a VPN.

A good VPN gets you allows you to circumvent the geographical restrictions that, by identifying your location by your machine's IP, may end up limiting various contents (such as the applications mentioned here).

In addition to other advantages of a VPN, such as improving the encryption of your data and stabilizing the speed of your connection, you can access offers and promotions that are not available in your region, as a VPN gives you the option to change the IP address. of your connection.