Application uses album function to publish panoramic photos on Instagram

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THE Instagram has always maintained its classic square photo format from the beginning. After a while, it even allowed photos with other formats, but its limited zoom does not help much, which makes it impossible to post photos. panoramic photos, the very wide ones that take up much of the landscape.

Fortunately a new application allows you to publish panoramic photos that are visible to everyone, using a very creative way to do this: the album function.

This function is very recent and allows you to post up to 10 photos in the same publication. As they are glued together, someone had the brilliant idea of ​​using this to post the same photo, divided into several, giving the idea of ​​unity. And this is what the Panoragram (free on the App Store) does: he takes his panoramic photo and divides it into several pieces. Then you just post their sequence as an Instagram album (option Select Multiple) for the magic to happen.

Useless to try to view via the web version of Instagram, the trick only works if viewed by the application. If you want to see an example, visit our profile (@blogdoiphone) and see how it works.

The application is free, having an internal purchase only if you want their watermark not to appear.