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Application unlocks your Mac using the iPhone or iPad Touch ID

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Until Apple adds the fingerprint scanner Touch ID on your Mac computers, you can use your iPhone or new iPads to unlock them. Thanks to the MacID application, which is free this Monday, for a few hours.

The procedure is easy. For those who temporarily distance themselves from the Mac and do not want anyone to snoop on what is being done on the computer, the ideal is to enter a password and lock the screen, until the moment you get back to work. But let’s face it, typing passwords is something so… year 2000. How about unlocking the computer with just your fingerprint?

To do this, you need to install a program on the Mac (free here) and another on the iPhone or iPad with Touch ID (link here). If you are lucky to read this article on the day it was published, you can download the iOS version for free, for a limited time (its regular price is $ 3.99).

If you have a Mac, download it, test it and tell us what you think of it here. ?