Application unites photography lovers with companies that want to buy their photos

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If you like taking photos and would like to be paid for it, you might be interested in Foap, an application that makes it easy to sell your iPhone photos to buyers around the world.

Foap is a kind of social network that mixes the well-known Flickr and Mercado Livre. The user creates a profile and uploads his photos. After placing a caption and associating keywords with the images, they will be available to potential customers.

The difference is precisely these «customers». They are large brands, such as Heineken, Ax, Garnier, Sony, Volvo and MasterCard, among others, that constantly seek photos from catalogs for their marketing actions.

If your photos are really real and authentic, with luck you will be able to sell some of them for the price of 5 dollars each, deposited in your PayPal account. As in Foap the basic use license is “non-exclusive”, several customers will be able to buy the same photo, but on the other hand, you will not need to mention your name in the credits.


Another way to try to earn some money is by completing the «Missions» that are offered by brands to meet their specific needs. One of them can be “Wildlife in your region«Or»cute baby faces”, And can generate rewards of up to $ 500.

Finally, if you think you have no talent for photography, you can still take advantage of the social network, doing the work of curatorship. It is possible to use Foap’s “albums” to organize photos by community photographers by subject. The photos gain more exposure and you earn a small commission for the selection work, if the photo is sold, of course.

Minimum requirements: iOS 8; compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Link