Application turns your iGadget into a real beatbox machine

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According to Wikipedia, beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion, which involves the art of producing drum beats, rhythms and musical sounds using only the mouth, lips, tongue and voice.

And that’s exactly what the app CamBox lets you do with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

It allows you to simply record yourself making a sound (with your mouth or whatever) with the device’s front or rear camera, thus creating a sound library.

With it, you can start making your artistic creations without any musical instrument.

Check out the video:

You can then record what you have done and share it on YouTube or Twitter right from the app.

Check out some other videos showing what people are doing with the app:

THE CamBox can be purchased on the App Store (link) for the price of $ 0.99.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, and can technically also run on the iPad, but with the screen enlarged 2x.

If you make your creations and look cool, be sure to send them here. ?