Application tries to relive the times of disposable cameras

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Probably the youngest do not know what it was like to take pictures with film machines and having to wait a few days to find out how they looked. Eyes closed, wrong time, light on the lens or images out of focus were only discovered when the photographic roll was developed. The photos were not endless: each film had a limited number of photos, between 12 and 36. It even had disposable machines, which were inexpensive and you handed them over to reveal.

Today things have changed a lot. With digital photos, you can take several of the same scene, take a look at how it looked and delete what you didn’t like. But apparently there are those who do not appreciate all this modernity so much and are nostalgic for the romantic times of photography. And that’s why they created an app that tries to make you go back to the time when you had to wait 3 days to see how a photo looked.

The app Gudak tries to simulate the old cameras as much as possible. The photos you take with it do not go to the system’s library, but are stuck on a virtual photo roll, without being able to be previewed. Each roll has a maximum capacity of 24 photos and you can only “have it revealed”After they were all taken away. When you authorize “revelation“, You have to wait 3 days to see how the photos looked.

And that’s not all. If you think that when you take the picture, the image is big on the screen, you made a big mistake. It appears in a small square simulating the camera viewfinder, as it used to be.

The Gudak Camera is designed to focus on Kodak Eastman’s Kodak Moment: “moments to remember for a long time. “No matter how beautiful a photo is, it is just a reminder of something and a“ tribute ”to a moment and our team intends to reproduce that memory and moment, eliminating the Instant Review feature of conventional digital cameras and reducing 95% conventional viewfinder feature, leaving only the bare minimum for taking pictures.

The term «Gudagdali» is an old Korean term for «out of date». The creators believe that the digital age has lost the emotion of choosing remarkable moments, because nowadays everything can be undone and redone again. As a result, the value of photography as a unique record of a moment has been lost.

There is also a random filter, which can be applied to the photos simulating blurs or beams of light normal at the time. The coloring also resembles that of analog films.

The idea is fun. It remains to be seen whether the current world accepts this type of nostalgia, because, good or bad, everything is part of human progress.

If you want to relive the feeling of yesteryear, you can download the application through this link. It costs $ 0.99, much more affordable than it cost to develop just one movie at that time.

via Engadget