Application Today Today lists the best ballads ever in the palm of your hand

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The weekend is here and you still don’t know where to have fun at night? Because if you live in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Porto Alegre, there is an app to help you choose: it’s the Night Today, which lists the best parties, shows and events of the night.

Simple and unpretentious, the application is ideal for knowing how to have fun when looking for a program suggestion. As its name says, it indicates everything that happens on the night of the same day, allowing you to decide where to go even if the party you are in is not paying off so much.

The information is detailed, with location, contact, as well as integration with Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

For now only three capitals are part of the project, but the idea is that, over time, more cities will be part of it.

THE Night Today is free on the App Store (link) and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, iOS 4 or later.