Application to see CPF and CNPJ directly on the iPhone or iPod touch

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Thanks to the Brazilian developer Renato Pessanha, it is now possible to easily validate a certain number of CPF or one CNPJ specific right on your gadget multitouch preferred.

The application can be purchased on the App Store for the price of $ 0.99. This time I didn’t try it, so whoever buys it can tell us what they think and if the program lived up to their expectations. Or, if we have too many requests in the comments, we will test without any problem.

The same Brazilian also made available another application, called Brazil tip, a classic utility to calculate what to give the waiter at dinners with friends. The advantage among the dozens of others that exist in the Apple online store is that this is all in Portuguese (ok, let’s pretend we didn’t see that one Z in the name of our country …). The selling price is the same, $ 0.99.