Application to search Brazilian zip codes, for free on the App Store (updated II)

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brMailAnother Brazilian invades the App Store: Joaquim Venancio, which brings its application to the national public brMail.

The utility makes the address data (such as street, neighborhood and city) of any valid zip code practical and quick.


The application is simple, but very useful. According to the developer himself, a version “pro“, More elaborate, is already being sent for approval in the App Store, with the possibility of searching for the zip code from the address, in addition to other very interesting functions. The initial idea was to update the current one with more functions, but he wisely decided to release another more complete version, leaving the brMail free for those who want to know.

In order to make the giant database of Brazilian addresses available, the program needs internet access. So it only works on wi-fi and 3G / EDGE networks (be aware of your data consummation).

brMail requires an internet connection

Joaquim is following a path that should serve as an example for other Brazilian developers: in addition to the concern with the visual part (I found the icon very well done), he first launches a good and useful application for free, only to launch another, more complete one, payment. With that, in addition to the friendliness of users, he gains the necessary disclosure to those who are starting at the Apple store.

The application is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (fw 2.2) and can be downloaded for free directly from App Store (link).

UPDATE: we are already testing the future version called brMailPro, which in addition to finding zip codes from addresses, is also able to track shipments by SEDEX, in addition to calculating the cost of shipments just by informing weight and address. Really cool news. As soon as it’s released, we’ll let you know here. ?

UPDATE II: due to a complaint by Correios, the application was taken from the App Store, since the registration of zip codes is an exclusive service of the entity. The application will not be continued unless the Post Office itself decides to launch it. : /