Application that takes pictures on iPhone with just a whistle, free for a limited time

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The creativity with the possibilities of the new gadgets seems to be even limitless. ?

If you have difficulty taking pictures of yourself, because iOS doesn’t have a timer in the Camera app, then you need Clap & Catch. With it, you trigger the photo with just a whistle. ?

The operation is very simple: you activate the app, position the device, take your position in the photo and, with a sound signal (whistle or palm) the timer active. Then the photo is taken in two seconds.

The sound you make when you activate it (loud laughter) is kind of weird, but otherwise, the app is fun and can prove useful.

THE Clap & Catch is free for an indefinite period and can be installed via the App Store (link). Works on iOS 3.1.3 or later.