Application shows how is the 4G coverage of your operator in your region

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Anatel app

THE Anatel yesterday launched an application capable of showing how your operator’s voice and data coverage is going in any region of the country. It is the ANATEL Mobile Service.

The app has a list of all antennas (stations) licensed to the operators, placing on the map the exact coverage of each one of them. With this, it is possible to see, for example, if the 4G network is already available in your neighborhood.

The data are official from Anatel itself and serve as a great reference when choosing which operator to choose in your city. In my neighborhood, for example, there is still no 4G coverage, which made me scared when I returned to Brazil with the iPhone 6 model AT&T. Only after I realized that the problem was with the network, not with the device, whose 4G works in other parts of the city.

Anatel app

ANATEL Serviço Móvel is available for free on the App Store.