Application records one second of each day of your life [grátis só nesta quinta]

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Can you imagine if you could make a video with a 1 second compilation of each day of your life, never to forget important moments? Yes, it is something that hardly anyone will have the patience to do, but a new application proposes this. His name is One Second Everyday.

The application is the result of a successful project by Kickstarter, website to do kitties that give life to projects. The entrepreneur asked for US $ 20,000 to be able to produce an application that records one second a day and then assembles a video with it. He ended up making over $ 56,000 and now has managed to finish the app. Check an example of a result:

For those who contributed $ 1, the creator of the project promised to give the app as a gift and the only way he could do it was by leaving it free for 24 hours. So, if you are reading this article on the day it was published (January 10th, Thursday), enjoy and guarantee your free copy at this link. ?

The idea is for you to make a short video with your iPhone or iPod touch recording some interesting scene in your day. The application then takes a second of this video (you choose the exact moment) and associates it with a date. After a while, you can create a video with each of these seconds.

It’s kind of utopian to think that someone will have the patience to record every day of their lives. But at the same time, it is an interesting resource to record a certain period of life, such as preparing for a wedding, the pregnancy of a child or an unforgettable trip.

It’s worth the test. ?

tip from Felipe Menezes