Screenshot do app Atalho para WA Plus - Widget para iniciar conversas com seus amigos

Application puts shortcuts to WhatsApp in the Notification Center

With the arrival of iOS 8, the system's Notification Center gained a beautiful boost. That's because, with the eighth version of its mobile operating system, Apple has allowed developers to create widgets, making it much easier to access information and even creating shortcuts to some actions within apps.

Thinking about these facilities, the developer Guilherme Coelho (creator of the app “Which operator?”) Launched the Shortcut to WhatsApp Plus.

Shortcut to WA Plus app icon - Widget to start conversations with your friends

His proposal is very straightforward: add a WhatsApp widget to your Notification Center so that you have quick access to your favorite contacts and quickly start a conversation.

Enter the app and choose your favorite contacts. Then go to the Notification Center, tap the “Edit” button and add the widget for the app. Okay, now when you want to start / continue a conversation, just "pull" (gesture to slide from top to bottom) the Central and choose the person you want.

The free app, but the full version costs $ 1 (via in-app purchase).

Simple, right? I would even say that the kind of thing WhatsApp itself should implement. Meanwhile, developers are seizing the opportunity.