Application promises to tell if your iPhone has already been hacked

Application promises to tell if your iPhone has already been hacked

iPhones are, in general, relatively insurance – a positive consequence of Apple’s overprotective approach to its mobile operating system. They are not, however, completely shielded: as we have seen on several occasions, there are (or have been) several vulnerabilities out there that allow hackers or malicious agents to hack into devices and even, in some cases, take control of them.

The problem, in this case, is whether your iPhone has already been hacked or had a breach exploited at some point. And that’s exactly what the iVerify.

IVerify app icon.  - Secure your Phone!

Created by the founder of Trail of Bits, Dan Guido, iVerify is an application that promises to tell you, in a very simple and intuitive way, if your iPhone has already been hacked in any way and if it represents a security risk for you.

The functioning of the app itself represents a challenge, since iOS does not allow applications to have access to information and sections of the system that would denounce these invasions or vulnerabilities. For this reason, iVerify uses a good deal of cleverness to detect these signals without “breaking into” the iPhone or asking for improper permissions. Guido explains how the application works as follows:

The detection of jailbreak uses alternative channels to interpret information outside the sandbox. It is as if someone is sending smoke signals and you are looking at the clouds in the sky through a small window in a room where you are locked. That way, you can read a message about what’s going on in the outside world. This is how the detection of jailbreak it works. We discovered a series of signals that can be captured in the environment [do iOS] and that can give us an indication of what is happening on the device.

One of the coolest parts of iVerify is that it is designed for all types of users: if any signs of failure or invasion are detected by the application, it explains the issue with easy to understand terms and simple steps to correct the problem. The only problem is that, so far, the app is only available in English.

Still, it’s worth a try – especially if you have a second-hand iPhone and don’t know what kind of unlocks it went through previously. IVerify exits for R $ 18.90 on the App Store.

via VICE