Application measures the speed of the mobile internet of all operators in your region

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It is nothing new for anyone that the services provided by Brazilian operators are not something we should be proud of. And it is useless to say that one operator is better than the other, because in each region of the country, the situation is different. In this sense, there is an application that facilitates our decision, saying which operator provides the fastest network in your region.

In a recent survey on the speed of mobile internet around the world, Brazil is in last place, with the penultimate, Portugal, having an average speed 4x higher than the Brazilian.

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This is because Brazilian legislation, unfortunately, does not oblige mobile operators to provide a minimum speed, as it does with fixed broadband. That is, even if you hire a 4G plan, the operator will provide the speed you want, usually blaming slow traffic or other technical issues. This is if the region where you are has 4G coverage, as this is not mentioned when you are going to hire the service.

How to fight it? First you need to be aware of how the network in your region is doing. The Speedometer Protest app tests your mobile network and compares it to the speed of other users in the same region, from several operators. This will give you the conditions to know which operator best serves your area, and may even decide to switch to the one that serves you most effectively.

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PROTESTE – Brazilian Consumer Protection Association – is an entity for the benefit of users that has been working for the defense and strengthening of the rights of Brazilian consumers for 15 years. Through comparative tests made with the application, it aims to facilitate the purchase decision for the citizen and contribute to improving consumer relations in society.

It is not necessary to be a member of PROTESTE to use the application, but it is interesting to know that, if necessary, it helps consumers who face problems with operators to defend their rights. If you want to test your connection and find out which operator has the best speed in your region, just follow this link.

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