Application makes your iPhone or iPad pause the video when you are not looking at it

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The Galaxy S4 smartphone did not bring many innovations in relation to the previous model, the S3 (innovation seems to be lacking in the market), so much so that one of the novelties was also launched for the previous model: the function of pausing videos when the user is not looking to the screen. This function may impress laypersons, but in everyday practice it is not at all practical for you to be forced to look at the screen so that the video does not stop. Believe me.

Fortunately you can test the function on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, thanks to the free app LookAway.

It is a Youtube client that works exactly as described above: it recognizes the user’s face and when he is not looking at the screen, he pauses the video. It also has another extra function, putting it in silence when the user puts his finger in front of his mouth, as if asking for silence.


You need to calibrate the detection sensitivity, especially the mute. It does not exactly identify the direction of your eyes but the position of your face. This means that if you look to the side without moving your head, the video does not stop, while if you relax and move your face down or to the side, the video pauses.

Funny in the first 20 minutes, or to show to friends. But in practical life, it’s kind of tiring.

For those who want to try, the application can be downloaded at this link.