Application lets you make PiP on iPad on any Safari video

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The function Picture in Picture (PiP) was introduced to the iPad on iOS 9 and allows you to view a video in a small window on the screen, while you do other things on the device. It is very useful and is the kind of multitasking we expect in a device that is intended to replace the personal computer one day. I, for example, am watching a movie on Netflix while writing this text on the iPad.

Unfortunately, PiP was not adopted by everyone, unfortunately. Some apps out of sheer laziness from their developers (yes, Globo Play, I’m talking about you), others, for strategic reasons, like the website / app of YouTube, who wants to leave us stuck in his environment so we don’t skip his advertising.

In the case of YouTube, we have already presented here some applications that allow to overcome this limitation, offering the function. The problem is that you have to open the app every time you want to watch a video, which is not practical if you receive a link in a message or social network, for example.

Fortunately they created a Safari extension that allows you to view virtually any video in PiP mode, including on the YouTube website.

THE PiPifier is a tool that enables any HTML5 video on a website to work in the function Picture in Picture, allowing you to minimize Safari and continue watching the video on a separate small screen. To do this, simply open the page and use the browser extension.

The application is free, but exclusive to iPad. It can be downloaded at this link. There is also a version for Mac, for those who do not use macOS Sierra (which already has this native function).