Application facilitates consultation for drug prices in the country

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A recent PROCON survey found that drug prices in Brazil, between generics and laboratories, can vary up to 100% in value. Because of this misinformation, the consumer sometimes pays much more for a product that he could have at a lower price, with the same chemical composition. It was to solve this problem that MedPhone created a guide for Drug Prices in Brazil.

With the application, it is possible to check the average price of more than 21 thousand medicines, enabling you to look for cheaper alternatives to it.

Along with the drug data, the form brings a list of similars, so that the consumer (or even the doctor who prescribes) can decide for an option with less costs. Prices are by State, which you configure in the application itself.

And one of the strengths of the application is that the database is all incorporated into it, without needing an internet connection.

Ideal for doctors, who can prescribe medications according to the reality of their patients. Ideal for pharmacists, who will have all medications, presentations and prices on hand. Ideal for other health professionals, who deal with patients who use these drugs. Ideal for YOU, who will be able to know the value of the medicine you are going to buy, in addition to having a tool that can be used to see if the price is advantageous or not.

THE Drug Prices can be purchased on the App Store (link) for the price of $ 4.99. It is not adapted for iPad, but it normally runs in an enlarged version.

If you are really interested in the application, we will publish 5 promotional codes this Saturday on our Twitter. If you want one, you should stay tuned to it. ?

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