Application driver is sued for cursing passenger

Pengemudi aplikasi dituntut karena mengutuk penumpang

The Civil Police of Amapá identified and charged, last Friday (7), an application driver for the crime of injury. Through messages on WhatsApp, the 29-year-old man cursed a passenger who offered R $ 4 reais for a ride in downtown Macapá through the inDriver app. In addition to profanity, the driver told the victim that she wanted a husband to beat her. The information is from a report on the website Uol Tilt published on Monday (10).

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The case occurred in December 2019, after the driver was dissatisfied with the proposal received. InDriver, an application used at the time, allows the passenger to suggest a value for the race. The driver can accept, reject or make a counter offer. In a note to the dnetc, inDriver stated that it repudiates the violence and that it has taken possible steps to disable the driver’s account after being informed of the case.

1 of 2 Driver of the inDriver app is charged for cursing passenger; he was dissatisfied with the price offered by the race – Photo: Helito Beggiora / dnetc

Driver of the inDriver app is sued for cursing passenger; he was dissatisfied with the price offered by the race – Photo: Helito Beggiora / dnetc

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The identity of the case was not released by the police. However, according to the delegate of the 6th Civil Police Station Leandro Leite, the driver assumed responsibility for the crime. The case was configured as an insult because the insults took place between the criminal and the victim, a 37-year-old computer teacher. There was no presence of third parties, a factor that could characterize defamation.

In testimony, the driver alleged that he offended the client because he was pressured to reach the location. If convicted, he faces a sentence of one to six months in prison, in addition to paying a fine and complying with alternative measures. The man and the victim are awaiting a court hearing.

How to order Uber by computer

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As the victim reported to the Uol, the race comprised the stretch between a bank branch on Avenida Cândido Mendes to the State Department of Education (Seed), located on Avenida FAB, center of the Amapá capital. The route totaled just over a kilometer, and the value offered was that suggested by the transport app itself.

The driver accepted the race. Still according to the victim, she waited for the driver at the starting point for 20 minutes, when she decided to call to find out the reason for the delay. The teacher, who preferred to preserve her identity, said she received the offensive messages after the call ended.

2 of 2 Excerpt from the conversation between the driver and the victim – Photo: Reproduction / Uol Tilt

Excerpt from the conversation between the driver and the victim – Photo: Reproduction / Uol Tilt

«After the call, when I pick up the phone, I see his messages cursing me on WhatsApp. I was scared by the cursing and I didn’t run any more. I called another driver and had no problems. Right after my appointments at the destination where I intended go, I took his name and phone number at the police station «, the victim told the Uol.

In the dialogues, the man says that he decided to accept the race to «speak some truths» to the passenger. Furthermore, he shows no fear when the client threatens to report him to the police. To Uol, the driver admitted that he «went overboard» and said he regretted the conduct.

«I was finishing a race from another application. In that, she called me twice. The passenger who was with me in the other race gave me a high score and I had to run for change, which caused the delay. This teacher kept calling me and I sent some truths to WhatsApp right away. I extrapolated, but I was stressed and with a hot head. I even apologized, «he said.

«At inDriver, we take any type of situation that compromises the tranquility of trips made through the app with absolute seriousness. From the moment we receive this report, we activate the internal preventive measures and deactivate the account of the designated driver. InDriver is in communication with the passenger and offers full support. We reiterate our intolerance to violence and our willingness to collaborate with the authorities and society in general to advance in whatever is necessary. »

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