Application brings iPhone 7 Plus ‚ÄėPortrait mode‚Äô effect to other devices

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One of the great advantages of the larger model of iPhone 7 it is precisely the dual camera, capable not only of taking pictures with optical zoom, but also of applying depth of field in images of people, blurring the background as in professional cameras.

An application called FabFocus promises to allow this also in other models from the iPhone 5s, without needing a double lens.

In fact, the depth of field effect of the iPhone 7 Plus (called the portrait mode, as we have detailed here) is applied via software (iOS 10.1) and not by the result of the optical capture of the lenses, as it happens in the most serious SLR cameras. The Plus telephoto lens only helps to define the person in the photo and tells the system what to blur and what not to blur. So much so that, if the user wants, he can view the two photos, one before and one after the trick is applied. In fact, this is something that you can already do in Photoshop (or other imaging programs) with a photo taken on any device.

Following this principle, some developers decided to provide an application that does just that: it applies the blurred background effect to simulate a depth of field. Here are some results:

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It uses artificial intelligence and face detection technology to automatically apply the effect to photos. As you can see, some images are not so perfect, but for a portion of users this may already be enough to enhance your photos.

Depth of field is nice because it highlights what’s important in a photo. It is undoubtedly something that, when done well, greatly improves the final work.

THE FabFocus has not yet reached the App Store, but it should be released next week. We will update this article as soon as it happens. (UPDATE: see the test we did of the app)

This type of application is not new. One of the ones we really liked and even commented on here on the blog is the Tadaa SLR, which allows you to apply this type of effect to your photos, with the advantage that you can manually adjust what you want to blur and at what intensity. It is not automatic and a certain manual dexterity is necessary, but when you have the neatness you can achieve great results.

dsrl2fabscare3Both of the above pictures were taken on an iPhone 6s and worked on Tadaa. It costs $ 3.99, but the tip is to wait because, from time to time, its price drops. ?