Application allows you to remotely control your iPhone or iPad right on your Mac

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This tip is for Mac users. ?

A program has recently arrived at the Mac App Store (the Mac OS X application store) that allows you to control your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on your computer via a Bluetooth network. It’s the iKeyboardRemote, which is free for a limited time.

With it, you control the screen lock, the Home button, photo presentation, volume and music control, all via bluetooth. To do this, simply pair your device with your Mac and start using it.

Check out how it works in the video:

Its usefulness is varied, although we still haven’t managed to find a really good one. But at a party, for example, where you have connected your iPhone or iPad to your speakers, it can be a good call for remote control.

Enjoy it while it’s free on Mac App Store (link). Unfortunately there is still no version of it for Windows. The same company offers another app that turns the Mac’s wired keyboard into a bluetooth for the iPhone (iKeyboard – link).