Application allows you to hang great works of art on your wall via augmented reality

[AR]T Museum, aplicativo de realidade aumentada para obras de arte

Missing going to museums? Do you not know when you will return to visit a major art center due to the Coronavirus pandemic (or because, well, the euro is R $ 6.39)?

Because the application [AR]T Museum can help you meet your artistic needs – in a way, at least.

App icon [AR]T Museum

The application uses a little bit of the magic of augmented reality to put great works of art from human history directly on your wall. Just point the camera on your iPhone or iPad at the corner of your home where you want to place, say, “O Scream”, by Munch, and enjoy the result.

So far, the [AR]T Museum has licensed the works of six art museums around the world – its creators are already negotiating with other global institutions to include their paintings in the application’s catalog. Among the paintings already available, we have some very famous creations, such as «Nighthawks», by Edward Hopper, or some paintings from the series «Les Meules», by Claude Monet (in addition to the aforementioned “The Scream”).

You can browse through the options available by museum, artist or even theme – just as you would in a traditional museum. For lovers of visual arts, therefore, it’s worth giving the [AR]T Museum, which is available for free on the App Store.

via 9to5Mac