Application allows you to create Live Photos on any iPhone model with iOS 9

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THE Live Photos is one of the flagships of the new iPhone 6s. You take a normal photo, but it moves when you tap the iPhone 6s screen hard. Maybe not everyone knows (or didn’t read iThing Magazine last month), but Live Photos made on the 6s can be sent to other iPhone and iPad models that run iOS 9, being able to be viewed by touching them for 1 second ( without tightening it tightly). On OS X El Capitan they also work.

But to create the photos, it was only possible on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which have this built-in function.

Was.If you want to create and send Live Photos to your friends but don’t have the money to buy an iPhone 6s, now you can do it on any device, using an app from the App Store.

Live Pictures Cam is awesome and we didn’t believe it when we tested it. It creates Live Photos real even on previous models. This is not about “a similar function that works only in the application“. No, they are Live Photos, recorded on the camera roll and can be viewed by touching them.


If you take the photo with the application on an iPhone 4s, for example, and send it to a friend who has the iPhone 6s, they will be able to view the movement by tapping the screen hard, like any other Live Photo. On other devices it can also be viewed by touching it for 1 second (like normal Live Photos).


The app also offers more configuration possibilities than Apple’s native function. You can choose the image of the photo that will be frozen (at the beginning, middle or end), choose the duration of the animation (3, 4, 5 or 8 seconds), the frame rate of the clip (15 fps or 25 fps) and whether or not to record the sound. You can also set up to take square or wide (covering the entire screen). Of course, some of these options make the final photo file bigger and take up more space in the device’s storage.

THE Live Pictures Cam costs $ 1.99 and can be downloaded from this link.