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Apple's Windows 10? Video shows combination and result is incredible

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Windows 10 was not created by Microsoft, but by Apple? Check the result and be surprised by the combination

And if the Windows 10 was developed by Apple? This question may seem pointless, but for Kamer Kaan Avdan, a famous graphic artist from YouTube, it costs nothing to dream. O YouTuber merged all the features of the world's largest PC operating system with the minimalism of macOS, and the impressive result.

Video imagines combination between Windows 10 and Apple and incredible resultVideo imagines combination between Windows 10 and Apple and incredible result

Windows 10 Apple’s Edition?

The concept was created by Avdan using the programs Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. The 1:43 creation focuses on the aesthetics of the Windows 10, such as the desktop, taskbar, Start Menu and the Windows Explorer, with a touch of Apple, adding more minimalist icons and smoother transitions, seen on your OS.

Apple themed taskbar and Start Menu looks much betterApple themed taskbar and Start Menu looks much better

In addition, it is possible to have an idea of ​​what some of the Apple on the SO Microsoft and how they would work. For example, the iMessage, the unlock by iPhone, the browser Safari replacing the Edge.

O Windows 10 would have a remodeled notification bar too, something easier to find and similar to the user interface iPads. Not counting the characteristic wallpapers of Apple to give that elegance.

Windows 10 Apple's Edition desktopWindows 10 Apple’s Edition desktop

Inspiration for both companies

It is worth mentioning that the video is just a concept – very well done, by the way. Apple and Microsoft are competitors in the computer software industry, and sure enough, if you're not using a Windows PC, a macOS – unless it is Linux.

A survey by Net Applications in May 2019, pointed out that the most recent Windows 10 is present in more than 50% of all personal computers in the world.

Many subscribers to the designer's channel and users of the two operating systems praised the concept, which has more than 311,000 views in just four days. Most comment that they expect this video to reach the tables of Tim Cook and Satya Nadella, commanders of Apple and Microsoft, respectively.

According to some comments, a Start Menu on the macOS the most needed in the system, as well as all the subtlety and sobriety that the functionalities of the Windows 10 does not have.

The fact that the two operating systems are quite different, and it is precisely these differences that make the market. Still, it is curious – and interesting – to note how essential competition is for companies to start bringing innovations to their software in the future.

And you? What did you think of Windows 10 Apple’s Edition? Leave in the comments what you would like each operating system to adopt from the other and don't forget to like the artist's work.

Via: 4gnews